In this episode, Doug, Kristine, and Stanhope's new dog Barnabas join us to answer existential listener questions about life, getting old, and pornography. Stanhope fires Ian. Kristine and Carlos bond over their controversial approach to solving pedophilia. We take a deep dive look at underappreciated cannibal and overall POS - Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. And we check on our old buddy Chrispy at 7-11.  

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More Episodes

Season 2 Episode 9: (The Dark History of the Right Wing Media)

October 26, 2020

The hilarious Jerry Rocha is our guest on this episode where we answer questions about horses, read news about pastoring, dive deep into the indecorous history of Right-wing media, and finally take a look at the indecorous laws of the Lone Star state.  

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Season 2 Episode 8: (Military Defense Contractors Gone Wild)

October 19, 2020

This week comedian Mo Alexander joins the indecorous gang to talk military defense contractors, Chinese basketball leagues banning players over cake, grave digging for fun and Tennessee state laws.

Season 2 Episode 7: (The Dark History of Volkswagen)

October 12, 2020

This week comedian Mike Stanley joins the indecorous gang.  In the indecorous news we dish on vigilante justice with stories about idiots trying to BBQ sex offenders.  We learn about the dark history of Volkswagen, and dumb AF state laws from Michigan.

Season 2 Episode 6: (The Bat Shit Crazy New Aged People)

October 5, 2020

On this special themed episode, we cover all the bat shit crazy new aged bull shit we could find:

A frozen fecal super pill diet hack, growing your hair 20 feet long to achieve immortality, magic moon-water for the goddess lifestyle plan, super special crystals to help you overcome MS, talking to rice to make it happy or sad, magic bracelets to give you perfect balances so you’ll never fall down.

Season 2 Episode 5: (Indecorous Public Executioners)

September 28, 2020

This week friend of the show Ramon Perez joins the indecorous gang to talk about executioners:  Today we learned that female hyena's clits are larger than male hyena's cocks, we hypothesize about how to bring the man kiss to the US, In the indecorous news Indians have figured out that being born in a pile of cow shit will protect them from Covid, and for our main topic we dish on the indecorous history of public executioners and we close on dumb AF Missouri state laws.

Season 2 Episode 4: (Indecorous ways to die from public executions)

September 21, 2020

Jay Whitecotton joins the indecorous gang this week!

In the indecorous news this week: A man shoots a pedestrian for walking too slow,
Dinosaur deniers try to get a prominent dinosaur statue removed because it threatened their belief in Noah's Ark, and for our main topic we do a deep dive into the most insane forms of public executions, and we close with Indecorous State Laws from Kentucky.

Season 2 Episode 3: (Indecorous Celebrity Chi-Mo Sex Scandals)

September 14, 2020

Comedian Jamie Ward joins the indecorous gang this week and the RNC is here at the Indecorous HQ in Charlotte NC, so the gang has some inside hot takes you won't hear anywhere else.  This week in indecorous news:  A doctor was fired after giving incorrect boner medicine to Jewish patients and sending anti-Semitic tweets,  and a man tried to sell a kid at a gas station for a mere $2,500 dollars.  For our main segment this week we do a deep dive on Celebrity sex scandals involving minors and we close the show with Indecorous Kansas State Laws.

Season 2 Episode 2: (The indecorous history of Feederism and Fat Fetishes)

September 7, 2020

Our old friend comedian JD Colwell joins us this week:  Carlos gives us his weekly internet fight club update, Ian shares the best pro-bestiality argument yet, A cute group of kids had their lemonade stand robbed to teach them a lesson about capitalism, Due to food shortages, North Korea is asking everyone to surrender their pet dogs, The indecorous history of Feederism and fat fetishes, Indecorous state Laws from Iowa.

Season 2: Episode 1: (Indecorous Political Sex Scandals)

August 31, 2020

The original Indecorous gang is back to kick off season two!  On this episode we discuss:  A time traveling adventure to molest serial killers when they were still babies, Sports announcers gone wild, and by wild we mean accidental career ending hate speech,  Our favorite political sex scandals including suicide, chid-mo, cuckholding, incest and more, and Dumb AF Indiana State Laws.