October 27, 2019 Episode 9: (America’s got Talent or Tragedy)

The original Indecorous gang (Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian) are back without a special guest this week! 

 Topics this week include: 

  •  (Originally taped during week 1 of the season)  We correctly predicted the outcome of America's got talent this season.  We discuss how this show has turned into little more than pity contest for human tragedy,
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, 
  •  Carlos and his fans have an epic take down of a racist online.  (NSFW / Trigger Warning!),
  •  A mystery TV Santa clause is going around putting old timey vacuum tube TV's on peoples front porch,
  •  Dumb laws in Arizona,
  •  Porn hub comments of the week. 

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