We're back! Carlos, Ian, and Bobby are back from their break to relay the latest news on using eels to cure constipation and holding Texas Roadhouse master chefs accountable for their actions. We take a deep dive into people who ruined their lives by making idiotic decisions, we dig through the darkest corners of the internet for 4chan posts of the week, and we close it all out by answering listener questions about streaming services, music, and Covid.

Indecorous Comedy is a reprehensibly distinguished educational comedy podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Carlos Valencia, Bobby D, and Ian. Either the smartest low-brow or dirtiest high-brow podcast on the internet. Tell your friends.

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Previously Unreleased Patreon Exclusive: (Indecorous Preachers)

August 23, 2021

Comedian Bryan Penn joins the gang to answer listener questions about starting a cult, threesomes, and Florida Man. We relay the latest news on Martian space stations and European politician orgies. We take a deep dive into the indecorous history of indecorous preachers, and Ian once again tries to push his water slide baptisms agenda on the podcast. And finally, we close it all out with indecorous Nebraska state laws.

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Patreon Episode Preview: Dog butt plugs and the 404 prank (Full Episode Exclusively on Patreon)

August 16, 2021

This is a killer riff from one of our exclusive patreon episodes.  The gang discusses the classic 404 error /dog butt plug prank, and Carlos almost gets in a fight with another right winged idiot.  If you enjoy indecorous comedy and you want to hear the full episode sign up today over at themshits.com.    

Season 2 Episode 50: (Season two Finale!)

August 9, 2021

It's our 100th Episode!

This week we have Matt Fulchiron, Carmen Morales, Andy Andrist, and Joe Zimmerman to help us celebrate our 2-hour long century episode. We answer listener questions, talk about indecorous news, take a dive into some old favorites, and we close out our states laws segment forever.

We at Indecorous Comedy industries would love to give our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported us throughout the season. We will be off for a couple of weeks before we start season 3, but don't worry Patreon subscribers, there will still be bonus material released every week exclusively for you!

See you in season 3!

Season 2 Episode 49: (The Dark History of the FDA)

August 2, 2021

Ian confronts Carlos about his vaguebooking. Then Paul Hooper joins the gang to answer listener questions about famous people in cars, the funny side of child abuse, and testing the limits of kinky consent. We relay the latest news on Mexican nude pic inspired stabbings. We take a deep dive into the indecorous history of the Federal Drug Administration (or the Federal Department of Agriculture, as Carlos likes to call it). And finally, we close it all out with indecorous New York state laws.


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