Carlos delivers some bad news about his finances, and then Adam Degi joins us to discuss bread, candles, masks, cocks, cats, nasty tobacco habits, and Indecorous Maine Laws.

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Season 2 Episode 13: (Indecorous Frivolous Lawsuits)

November 23, 2020

In what could be Carlos' last episode before he has to be put on a ventilator, Ian finally admits what we all already knew, and Bobby exposes himself as an elitist ice tray hater, then Paul Pallotta joins us to push his Bible thumping ways and discuss hypnotic prostate exams, Indian thieves covered in poop, and while we are in the midst of frivolous election lawsuits, we do a Deep Dive on the most indecorous frivolous lawsuits of all time, and we end it all with Louisiana State Laws.

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Season 2 Episode 12: Cannibalism Part 2!

November 16, 2020

Comedian Andy Andrist joins us to answer listener questions about the flat earth, talk about news of peeing pastors and exploited monkeys, then we take a deep dive into Part 2 of our series on infamous cannibals, and finally we close it all out with indecorous Oregon laws.

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Season 2 Episode 11: (The most infamous Internet Hoaxes of all time)

November 9, 2020

When we recorded our first post-Election Day episode, we still didn't know who would win, but Carlos had a prediction on how his bets with Trumpers would turn out, then Felicia Gillespie joins the gang to talk about sluts and manwhores, settling the hotdog vs sandwich debate, the Vietnamese keeping it green by recycling condoms, we do a deep dive into the most infamous internet viral hoaxes of all time, and we close it all out with indecorous laws - Pennsylvania edition.

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Season 2 Episode10: Cannibalism Part1 with Doug Stanhope and Kristine Levine

November 2, 2020

In this episode, Doug, Kristine, and Stanhope's new dog Barnabas join us to answer existential listener questions about life, getting old, and pornography. Stanhope fires Ian. Kristine and Carlos bond over their controversial approach to solving pedophilia. We take a deep dive look at underappreciated cannibal and overall POS - Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. And we check on our old buddy Chrispy at 7-11.  

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