This week Brett Erickson joins the indecorous gang to talk about just how f***ed the porn industry is.  Topics this week include:  Living the dream as an Arkansas judge, lawyer and sugar daddy.  Japan's suicide forest says Yankee go home, We break down the economics of midget hookers, and we deep dive into the gaping hole of Pornhubs indecorous history.

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Episode 47: (The Dark History of Hobby Lobby)

July 20, 2020

This week comedian Tom Simmons joins the indecorous gang to talk about the dark history of Hobby Lobby:  Topics this week include:  People are trying to catch the rona at covid parties all for a chance to win a few hundred bucks in a hat,  An insane legal loop hole just overturned a child molestation case and gave half of the state of Oklahoma back to native Americans, Wearing a romper onesie as a life hack to overcome social anxiety, and the dark hypocritical history of Hobby Lobby.   

Episode 46: (The Dark History of Uber)

July 13, 2020

This week comedian Mike Storck joins the indecorous gang to talk about the fucked up business practices of the ride sharing industry.  Topics this week include:  
S&M kidnappers break into the wrong house, a hoard of hateful Karens try to take down a company over pseudoscience, a life hack for short people to trick their dates by pretending they're crippled, The dark History of Uber, and Pornhub comments of the week.

Episode 45: (The perils of algorithmic trading)

July 6, 2020

This week Comedian Carmen Morales joins the indecorous gang to talk about using autism to exploit glitches in the financial markets.  
Topics this week include: A man fakes having down-syndrome to trick hot nurses into changing his diapers,
A dancing faculty member announces that tuition won't be refunded this semester, A life hack to get a free tattoo to cover up a smaller racist tattoo, 
Autistic geniuses find a glitch to trade with unlimited free money,
A trader kills himself because he couldn't read a profit and loss statement correctly,
Carmen tells the gang how she could have made thousands in the stock market, but she bought Carlos beer instead. The 4th wall comes down in this special virtually unedited episode with bonus negging between Carmen and Carlos!