This week the indecorous gang broadcasts live on Reddit!  Topics include:

South Korean has their own special brand of Covidiots - as homophobes are now trying to out men at gay clubs,  A bitcoin, masturbation email scam,  The best hack for pissing in your car, The dark history of Bayer, Monsanto and the origin story of heroin, Pornhub comments of the week, If you ever wanted to hear more of the music from the podcast check out Ian's new band Pitiful Noise with their debut album 404.  Available May 29th on Spotify, Itunes and basically everywhere.      



More Episodes

Episode 38: (The best of Florida Man)

May 18, 2020

This week comedian JD Colwell joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian to talk PETA vs. soccer moms, Florida Man vs life, and the origin story of hookers.  Topics this week include:

  • PETA takes on the parents of cancer kids in this moral dilemma extraordinaire,
  • The best of Florida man stories from 2019,
  • Indecorous Life hacks,
  • Fact or Farce,
  • Porn Hub Comments of the week

Episode 37: (The Indecorous History of Charles Ponzi)

May 11, 2020

This week our good friend comedian Blayr Nias Joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian to talk about the greatest grifter of the all.  Topics this week include:  Fecal transplant technology that is curing autism, children that ruin a slave labor operation, getting a pet drug dealer, splooging on spiders, and we induct Charles Ponzi into our indecorous hall of fame.

Episode 36: (The Dark History of Nestle)

May 4, 2020

This week comedian power couple Kaleigh Cutright and Ramon Perez join Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby to talk about how Nestle used fake nurses to scam lactating Moms.   

Topics this week include:    

  • North Korean parents are punished for saving their children instead of Kim family portraits, 
  • Japanese “herbivore men”, cuddle cafes, and pantie vending machines are lowering population rates, 
  • Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, 
  • The Dark History of Nestle, 
  • Pornhub comments of the week