This week comedian and network TV writer Spencer Taylor joins Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby for a very special episode of Indecorous Entercation!

Topics Include:

  • A doctor makes headlines for enjoying a human urine cocktail in the middle of a flight, 
  • Feral pigs are being shot with machine guns by helicopter in a new real life video game, 
  • Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, 
  • The indecorous history of MK Ultra, the secret government LSD mind control experiment, 
  • Spencer shares her journey from working comedy open mics to writing for the hit network TV series Mixedish 

More Episodes

Episode 25: (John R Brinkley: The Quack Goat Testicle Doctor)

February 17, 2020

This week comedian Nick Ohlessa joins Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby.  

Topics this week include: 

  • An amazing new drink for the tide pod challenge generation, 

  • Indecorous Life Hacks, 

  • Professional Wrestling themed Fact or Farce, 

  • This week we induct John R Brinkley into the indecorous hall of fame, 

  • Pornhub comments of the week

Episode 24: (Indecorous Valentines day)

February 10, 2020

Our good pal comedian Devan Penegar joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian for this very special Valentines day episode!  

Topics this week include:  

  •  A loving husband throws one last meth and sex party for his dying wife in the most romantic gesture ever,
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks of the week,
  •  The history of the two men behind the name Sadomasochism,
  •  Our guest shares his real life experience working in the sex industry as an assistant to a dominatrix, 
  •  Porn hub comments of the week

Episode 23: (Cucks, Castration and Cat Breading)

February 3, 2020

Our old pal New York Comedian Clint Nohr joins Carlos Valencia, bobby and Ian this week.  

Topics include:  

  •  South Dakota's novel solution for Meth addiction, 
  •  A deep dive into Cuck lifestyle, 
  •  The differences between black breading and cat breading, 
  •  Chemical castration and the fun kind of kinky castration, 
  •  Fact or Farce, 
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks, 
  •  Pornhub comments of the week