This week comedian Brian O'Neil joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian this week to talk about incels!  

Topics this week:  

  • The gang pitches an indecorous business idea to Mark Cuban, 
  • The origin story behind the term "incel", 
  • Indecorous Life Hacks, 
  • Fact or Farce, 
  • Porn Hub comments of the week starring Cock Ninja!

More Episodes

Episode 17: (The Indecorous X-Mas Episode!)

December 23, 2019

The Indecorous X-mas episode everyone's been waiting for!  This week comedian Zaq Rogers joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian for a very merry Indecorous Episode. 

  •  Japan finally gets menstruation badges for female retail employees, 
  •  Indecorous X-mas Life Hacks, 
  •  A special behind the scenes look at how our show is produced and how the indecorous sausage is made, 
  •  The Indecorous History of X-mas, 
  •  X-mas Pornhub comments

Episode 16: (The Indecorous History of Female Sex Toys)

December 16, 2019

Comedian Johnny Azari joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian this week. 

Topics this week include:  

  •  Employees at a retirement home start an elderly fight club with dementia patients hoping they won't break the first rule of fight club,
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks of the week
  •  The Indecorous History of Sex Toys for the ladies
  •  Porn Hub Comments of the week

Episode 15: (The Dark History of Subway)

December 9, 2019

Comedian Ramon Perez joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian.  

Topics this week include:  

  •  We learn about the alternative lifestyle of "bug chasing" from the Bareback Exchange, 
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, 
  •  The Dark History of Subway,  
  •  Pornhub Comments of the week,
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Episode 14: (The great Emu War with Comedian Joe Zimmerman)

December 2, 2019

This week comedian Joe Zimmerman ( reunites with his old pals Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian from his comedy hometown!  

Topics this week: 

  •  A man brings an emotional support clown to his firing at work,
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks of the week,
  •  The Great Emu War,
  •  Fact or Farce,
  •  Stupid Laws from Idaho