The original Indecorous gang (Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian) are back without a special guest this week! 

 Topics this week include: 

  •  (Originally taped during week 1 of the season)  We correctly predicted the outcome of America's got talent this season.  We discuss how this show has turned into little more than pity contest for human tragedy,
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, 
  •  Carlos and his fans have an epic take down of a racist online.  (NSFW / Trigger Warning!),
  •  A mystery TV Santa clause is going around putting old timey vacuum tube TV's on peoples front porch,
  •  Dumb laws in Arizona,
  •  Porn hub comments of the week. 

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More Episodes

Episode 8: (The man that holds over 50 eating contest world records)

October 20, 2019

Normal Dennis joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian again this week!  

  Topics include: 

  •  A light weight dies at a minor league baseball game taco eating contest,
  •  A deep dive on the real champ of eating contests,
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks,
  •  Dumb Laws in Connecticut,
  •  The Dark History of Sears,
  •  Porn Hub Comments


Episode 7: (The scandal that almost took down the entire porn industry)

October 13, 2019

This week comedian Normal Dennis joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian.   

  Topics include: 

  •  The Scandal that almost ended the entire porn industry,
  •  A Facebook “Cat filter” is accidentally used during a live police press conference announcing a murder,
  •  We do a dry deep dive into the no FAP movement,
  •  Indecorous Life hacks of the week,
  •  50/50 the game. A terrible game where we have a 50% chance of seeing something nice or horrible,
  •  Fact or Farce, 
  •  Unbelievably Dumb laws in Delaware,
  •  Porn Comments of the week

Episode 6: (The Indecorous History of the Wizard of Oz Munchkins)

October 6, 2019

The original indecorous gang (Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian) is back flying solo - and Indecorous Enteraction has now found its home on Mondays, with new episodes now dropping every week!  #IndecorousMondays 


  Topics this week Include:

  •  The Indecorous History of the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz,
  •  Chimeras, Cyborgs, and Trans-humanism,
  •  The secret government program to improve human – dolphin relations that led to bestiality,
  •  Indecorous Life Hacks of the week,
  •  Pornhub comments of the week